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24/7 365 days jump start service in Calgary

A dead battery can come out of no where and leave you stranded. It could be a bad battery or simply user error. Here are some tips to try and avoid your car battery dying on you leaving you needing a jump start for your car or truck.
  • Always make sure your interior lights are turned off. This is easy to forget especially if you’re in a hurry.
  • Always make sure you completely shut your door all of the way. This will also result in your interior lights being on.
  • Unplug anything you have connected to your power receptacle (aka cigar lighter)
  • Keep track of your batteries age. Most batteries last between 3-5 years.
  • Be mindful of warning signs of a dying car battery. Example; the engine cranking slowly.
  • If you think of it get a free battery test from your local auto parts store.
  • Maintain your battery. Check for corrosion and keep the terminals clean using a wire brush.
Even if you do all of this your car battery still might end up dying on you.  That’s why we’re here!  We provide 24 hour emergency jump start services. If your battery won’t hold a charge we can replace it for you on site.